Bears are capable of some amazing things. They have an incredible sense of smell and are some of the most feared predators in the wild. If a Missouri trail cam video is any indication, they can also walk around like they're Bigfoot.

This trail cam video was captured late last summer in central Missouri based on a comment the channel made on YouTube. Here's how they described their video:

This is several video clips of black bear's that I got on my game cam here in Missouri where I live. There is three sets of them and two of them have Cubs.

The fact that this isn't just some bear passing through that actually has cubs is another issue entirely as bears aren't native to many parts of Missouri. The fact this is the center of the state should probably raise some eyebrows. But, I digress.

You have to follow until just past the 3 minute mark, but this bear sow defies gravity and maintains balance walking on her hind legs for a long period of time.

A few weeks ago, we were warned by the Missouri Department of Conservation that we would likely see more bears in Missouri. They weren't kidding. It appears that we are now neighbors with Yogi Bear.

If more bears with cubs make their home in Missouri, it will be interesting how this affects the native deer population and those of us that still like to camping without getting eaten.

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