I don't disagree with this at all. As a matter of fact, I'm kind of ashamed I didn't think of it first. One small Missouri town was just named by an international website as one of the 20 most beautiful in America and they're not wrong.

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Unlike most internet bloggers who love sharing their opinions, this one matters. It comes from the prestigious Travel + Leisure. They just named the 20 most beautiful small towns in America and #19 is none other than Hermann, Missouri.

Why Hermann, Missouri?

I'm gonna skip the obvious "because it's really dang pretty" response even though that can be proved with science. Let's look at the reason Travel & Leisure mentioned which is this:

Hermann sits amid rolling hills along the Missouri River, surrounded by wineries. It’s often referred to as Missouri’s Rhineland because of the area’s rich German heritage

Oh, and it's really dang pretty.

Hermann, Missouri is indeed known for all of its...German. It's more than that though. The pace of life is so wonderfully slow in Hermann as long as you don't visit during one of the annual festivals. It's full of trees. It's next to the Missouri River. It's got rolling hills and does not lack history either.

I could continue to brag on Hermann, Missouri, but it really is worthy of this big time praise from Travel + Leisure. For once, the internet has gotten one of it's "best of" lists right.

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