Missouri will now have an official state sport and it's not Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, or even Baseball, so what is it?

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According to an article from the website krcgtv.com, Missouri has a new State Sport and that sport is .... Archery.


That was my first reaction when I saw this story pop up, out of all the sports why choose archery? Especially when Missouri is one of the best states in the country for their love of High School football and basketball. But according to the article they say...

"Republican State Representative Tim Taylor from Cooper County sponsored the bill. Taylor is a 4-H archery instructor with University of Missouri Extension. Taylor said, “The sport has the ability to transcend all who want to try it. My 74-year-old mother can shoot and does shoot with her 17-year-old grandson. She’s not playing baseball with him. It has an appeal that surpasses everything.” Taylor said Missourian Holless Wilbur Allen revolutionized archery in 1966 with his invention of the compound bow."

Pretty cool that it was a Missouri native that revolutionized the sport of archery back in the 1960s and so that makes more sense now why something that seems niche like archery would be made the official state sport of Missouri. I will say I do enjoy archery, when you get a chance to shoot an arrow it is a lot of fun, and I could watch hours of YouTube videos where master archers just keep hitting bullseyes over and over again splitting arrows. Do you think making archery the official state sport was the right choice?

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