Get out the cake and candles because a very special Missouri reptile is about to have a sweet 16 birthday party. I'm talking about a two-headed snake and she's quite a unique creature.

The Missouri Department of Conservation shared this birthday party event on their Facebook page recently.

She's a black rat snake with two heads and two brains and she's turning 16 years old. The Missouri Department of Conservation shared other details on their official website including the fact that this snake birthday party will happen Saturday, September 4 from 1p to 3p in Cape Girardeau. They will have crafts, stories and also bears. The bears will likely be in enclosures unless there's a way to have them be a part of the party safely not including enclosures that I'm not aware of.

How rare is this two-headed rat snake? Here's what the Missouri Department of Conservation shared:

MDC Naturalist Alex Holmes said conjoined twinning occurs roughly one in every 100,000 black rat snake births. In the wild, those that survive probably wouldn’t be able to escape predators due to their body’s lack of dominate leadership, he said.

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If you're up for a road trip, check out the official Missouri Department of Conservation website for more information.

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