It seems just about everyone in Missouri received a message on their phone Tuesday afternoon that had them wondering if the caped crusader was being beckoned. It referenced Gotham City and a car belonging to the Joker and is now being referred to as an accident.

This is the alert I'm referring to that ended up on my phone and my wife's also along with everyone else I know in Missouri.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The Missouri Highway Patrol shared a status on Twitter claiming this was sent by accident.

An accident? Right says everyone on Twitter.

The car referenced is the Joker's "Goon Car" made Batman of course.

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I had more than one friend on Facebook that isn't buying the Missouri Highway Patrol explanation. They firmly believe that someone hacked into the state's Amber Alert system and it's being covered up.

At first, I was convinced that someone managing the Missouri Highway Patrol's social media channels had a great sense of humor and an admirable knowledge of Batman lore. Now, I'm not so sure. My understanding (which admittedly could be wrong) are that there are some safeguards in place that prevent someone just accidentally sending out a far-reaching message like this.

Take it however you want, but there is at least the possibility that the Joker really is at large.

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