Have you ever heard of "vigilantism"? If a new study by the University of Illinois is correct, a lot of people in the Land of Lincoln have it meaning they kind of think they're the caped crusader.

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I found this research gem at Study Finds. It's an interesting study by the University of Illinois that found 1 in 5 residents have what they call "Bruce Wayne Syndrome". Here's a key finding as stated in their study:

Overall, about one in five people strongly endorsed the vigilante identity, reporting an eagerness to closely monitor others in their environment and – in the absence of official action to correct violations – punish those they deemed offenders.

If 1 in 5 Illinoisans think they're Batman, does that mean the other 4 think they're Robin or Catwoman? Asking for a friend.

While I admire people who want to see justice done, not everyone is a fan. The University of Illinois study describes this kind of thinking as dangerous in a society with legal systems and laws. In particular, some believe this vigilante attitude would be a problem in a court of law and they may use this research to better screen jurors. Foiled again, Joker.

Personally, I think they're reading too much into this. Simply put, I think people are frustrated with a society where some evildoers don't get punished and want to see something done about it. I don't think it necessarily means 20% of Illinois residents will put on winged gloves and head out to fight crime.

If you'll excuse me, I need to get the Batmobile back into the Bat Cave now.

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