Doing a home renovation can quickly become an adventure. One Missouri family learned that in a big way as they discovered an 86-year-old time capsule in the walls of their home.

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This happened recently in Rogersville, Missouri. A woman and her husband had just bought an old church. Here's what she said about their discovery:

We bought a 100 year old church and are converting it into our home. We’ve had a lot of surprises along the way and the corner stone was one of the most exciting parts of the process. My husband, Joshua, and I had argued over the course of the year as to whether or not there was anything behind the cornerstone. I always voiced that I didn’t think there was anything and I didn’t want him to pull the stone out. But he did it anyway, and we were filled with so much joy to find more personal history about our church-house and the sweet community that we live in.

This is like the scene in National Treasure where they remove the brick from the wall and find the glasses to read the map.

86 years of church history in their hands. They found a New Testament, original church blueprints and a vast history of the church. There's no word on what the couple will do with these historic documents, but it's one of the more unique finds during a home renovation that I've seen and it happened in Missouri.

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