There are very few places in Missouri where you can exchange your vows that would be better than this one. It's an epic estate that includes a storybook barn (literally) and a Civil War era cottage. Perhaps the most epic potential wedding location is the barn though.

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I found this interesting place on Realtor, but I'd also recommend checking out the original listing, too. It's 3474 South Shepherds Lane in Rogersville, Missouri. It looks like someone else came up with the "have our wedding here" idea already. See the pics and pay special attention to that 2-story Storybook barn.

The Most Epic Potential Wedding Location in Missouri is This Barn

The entire estate is available right now for the low, low cost of $3.2 million dollars. My banker friend would laugh really hard at me if I were to apply for that. However, whoever ends up with this dreamy Missouri location will likely be able to pay for it quickly with all the brides and grooms that would be lining up to get hitched here.

Check the full listing on the realtor website which features a ton more pictures and details.

The Most Romantic Place in Missouri Has an Lovely Indoor Outhouse

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