No deer were harmed in the making of this video. That's an important fact to remember which will seem remarkable when you see the video shared by a Missouri driver who saw a buck fly over (and into) the road, yet escaped unharmed.

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The driver did not say exactly where this happened, just that it happened "in Missouri". The road looks very familiar, but so do a lot of rural Missouri roads so I won't try to guess. Here's the brief description the driver shared:

Driving down the road as a deer fails to stick the landing. No deer were harmed.

Watch this big buck fly.

The good news is even the video shows the buck run off the road after the awkward landing. No deer harmed is a good result.

I'm gonna go ahead and say it. That highway looks a lot like Highway 19 near Center. Is this one of our local peeps capturing a flying deer moment? I'm just thinking out loud. If I'm correct and it's you, message me through our app and I'll update this story. One of the craziest Missouri deer moments I've ever seen.

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