How much is a dollar bill worth? Even with my admittedly limited math skills, I can safely answer $1 and be correct. That's actually wrong for some dollar bills that are being found in Missouri that are worth thousands all because of how certain numbers appear on the front.

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I would love to say that I came up with this brilliant find, but nope it's a guy on TikTok called The Coin Guy. He shared a fun video explaining that if you have a dollar bill, check the green numbers on the front. If they happen to all be the same, collectors are looking for you.

Some of these have sold for $7500 and $8000 EACH.

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But wait, there's more

A few days ago, Yahoo Finance mentioned that if you happen to have two matching $1 bills, they're worth up to $150,000. Cha-ching. These aren't old bills either. The request for matching bills happened back in 2014 and 2016 which resulted in 6.4 million bills circulating. That's a lot of matching collar bills out there in the wild (and maybe in your pocket right now without you knowing it). Pro Tip - Look for "Series 2013" to see if you might be in the money (lots of money literally).

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