What would you do if you woke up in the Missouri woods while camping to hear voices, but realized that it didn't sound like humans talking? That's exactly what happened to a Missouri couple who gave a chilling story about what they encountered deep in the woods.

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I've heard so many Bigfoot and Sasquatch stories over the years, but I tend to put more faith in the ones shared by people willing to share their names and be on camera. Bill and Debbie were brave enough to share their story with Missouri Bigfoot YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory.

Sasquatch Theory via YouTube
Sasquatch Theory via YouTube

Bill began by sharing that he believed he had seen these creatures previously and in his experiences, strange things normally began happening on the second night of his trips. That's what happened when he and his wife Debbie were camping in the woods when they awoke to the sound of voices, but not any language they had ever heard.

Debbie - "The first time was the howl...it was in the distance...but I could hear it and it scared me a lot...It was like jibber jabber like they were talking to each other".

Debbie's fear was that the creatures would come to their tent. Bill estimated they were only 20 yards away in a tree line near a road. Bill wanted to go call for help, but Debbie did not want to be left alone for obvious reasons. They believe that...whatever it was...there were three of them.

The chatter back and forth became louder to the point where Debbie was trying hard not to scream. Fortunately, nothing more became of the encounter which Debbie said was fascinating, but also terrifying.

Watch their eyewitness account for yourself. They certainly seem like genuine people who really believe they encountered something paranormal in the Missouri woods that night.

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