It certainly doesn't happen to everyone, but it does happen to many. A northern Missouri man encountered a strange creature and decided to attempt to communicate. The response he received was terrifying.

I just came across this compelling YouTube short which by its nature doesn't allow a lot of backstory. I do know this happened in northern Missouri based on the title. Here's a quick summary. This Missouri dude encountered what he believed was a Bigfoot and decided he would talk to the creature. He told it that there was no need for them to be afraid of each other and that they could live in peace. He emphasized that he didn't want to hurt it. He didn't expect the response he got.

"He hit me with the infrasound and it hit me made me physically shutter...and I don't know if there's a telepathic component to it or not...but what I felt is you could feel it go through your didn't hear nothing...but it was like anger, fear, hatred and doom all rolled into one directly at you."

I'm hoping there's a more complete video explanation of what this northern Missouri guy experienced because it would be fascinating to know where and when in Missouri this happened and what led up to the encounter.

As it stands, it's just another weird encounter in the Missouri that most of us would never want to experience first-person.

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