Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher may be living in wedded bliss and the stuff of Hollywood romance now, but the pair's fairy tale ending didn't exactly get off to a smooth start.

Appearing on The Tonight Show on Monday (July 30), The Spy Who Dumped Me star got candid about her disastrous honeymoon, which she spent on an RV... with her in-laws. As she put it, she "almost died!"

Kunis explained that following their private wedding in 2015, she gifted her then-new husband with an RV, who decided they would use it for their honeymoon.

"If you’ve ever seen the National Lampoon movies, our honeymoon was like a real life National Lampoon’s honeymoon. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not saying it for a laugh! We also honeymooned with my in-laws," she shared.

And not just her in-laws, but also their brand new baby, Wyatt. But it gets worse:

"With our 10 month old, we are in a tin can on wheels. That’s how it starts," she continued. "Eight hours into this RV, our air conditioner breaks in Bakersfield at 110-degree weather… We almost died on the side of a road."

Finally, just when Kunis thought their honeymoon might come to a romantic close in California's scenic Napa Valley, even that took a wrong turn.

"My wonderful, beautiful mother-in-law picked the RV parks that we were staying in, but she didn’t use the internet. She used books," Kunis explained, noting that they ended up at "an RV park, not in Napa but an hour outside of Napa with two prisons."

"Yes, guys, that is where our RV trip ended. My husband looked at me and goes, ‘I quit,’ and I was like, ‘Me too.’ And that was our honeymoon and three years later, we really like each other."

Watch Mila Kunis' Tonight Show interview, below:

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