You think you raise bears right and then they do this. A new video share shows a family of bears who decided to beat the heat by throwing a pool party in a family's backyard.

According to the video description, this happened in Michigan. It doesn't seem like the human family minds the bears taking over their yard much based on how they described this encounter:

Wild black bears in Northern Michigan playing together in the pool! It was a hot and humid summer day. Trying to cool off, all at the same time! One is a 2-year-old cub and the other is 3 years old. The one at the table is a 4-year-old female. We live in the middle of a forest and was their home before it was ours.

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I don't like to get into other people's business, but it looks like the bears are finding scraps of food on those picnic tables. When you live in a place like northern Michigan which is obviously bear country, you're asking for trouble by leaving any kind of food outside. This family of bears might seem all mellow, but you'd be surprised how fast they can turn into the vicious apex predators they are. Over the 4th of July this "cuddly" cub went from "pet me" to "I'm gonna bite you now" in just a matter of seconds.

Who can blame the bears though? With temps in the 90's pretty much every day, no shocker that they'd take advantage of a pool to cool off.

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