Because of this, I've decided to not peek inside of trees anymore. A Midwest guy was more than a little shocked to find a frightened bear who had decided to make his home inside of one recently.

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Based on the date of the video share, this happened on December 22, 2022. Here's what the guy said about how this encounter of the bear kind happened:

While out grouse hunting with a family member, we discovered a large hole in the ground. After trying to see into it, my stepdad said “shine your flashlight in there." Instead of just using the flash on my phone, I put my phone to record and turned my cameras light on and the rest is pretty obvious based on the video. It was never the intention to see a bear or get that close, but after seeing what was being recorded on the phones screen, I got out of there.

You can tell that this bear was not happy about his new visitor:

The guy indicated this happened in northern Midwest bear-loving land of Michigan. He was right to get out of there. As the National Park Service will tell you, getting this close to a bear is never a good idea. While bears can be curious creatures, they'll rarely attack humans unless they feel cornered or in danger. A bear like this being cornered inside of a tree is a recipe for this situation to get bad quickly.

Fortunately, this ended with no bears or humans being harmed and a compelling teachable moment about being careful what trees you peek into.

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