You can make your little daughter's dream of being a mermaid princess like Ariel come true in Hannibal! For real!

Yes, mermaid classes are a thing. They've been around for several years now but this is a first for Hannibal. The class offered this month filled up so fast, that the Hannibal Aquatic Center has announced a new session opening up in July for Mermaid School. This is an adorable idea for little water lovers! They can learn fluke splashes, core rolls and synchronized swimming under the watchful eyes of three lifeguards.

At Hannibal's Mermaid School, you can bring your own fin, or you can buy or rent from the Parks and Rec Department. I've never been in the market for a mermaid fin, so I did a little research. You can pick up a kid's fin for as cheap as $20. It's a basic model that looks like a fused pair of scuba-style fins. But for $15 more, why not spring for a half-body Mermaid Glitter Sparkles Tail? Or you can dress as the Cotton Candy Queen Mermaid for about $60. If you've got an unlimited mermaid budget, go high class for the Fusion Betta Mermaid Fin for $329. Yikes! Apparently mermaid swimming is great exercise, so there are adult-sized fins too.

And look, girls shouldn't have all the fun. If your little guy wants to be a merman like King Triton, make his dream come true. He can also choose a shark-style fin if that's more his taste.

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