Meet Santa and get a FREE meal for the kids at Riverside BBQ & Grill!

Santa Clause is coming to town and he is landing his sleigh at the delicious Riverside BBQ & Grill in Quincy! We all need a little holiday cheer, and Santa is just the guy to help spread it. Forget pancakes and breakfast with Santa instead eat some delicious BBQ with the big man himself!

In a Facebook event page hosted by Riverside BBQ & Grill (formerly Riverside Smokehouse, they are transitioning to new ownership) called "Meet Santa" the opportunity to meet Santa is Thursday, December 17th from 4pm to 8pm, they go on to say...

"Santa will be joining us on Thursday December 17th from 4pm - 8pm!
Bring the Kids by for a FREE MEAL, holiday treats and cookie decorating!!"

To learn more about this event, or to contact Riverside BBQ & Grill check out their Facebook page by clicking here! 

This sounds like the perfect family outing this week, you get to eat great food (save some money on food for the kids) meet Santa, decorate those delicious cookies, make those fun lasting holiday memories, and support a great local restaurant all at the same time! I was at Riverside BBQ & Grill this past weekend watching the Bears play the Texans and I couldn't be more happy for them transitioning into new ownership all while still providing great customer service and amazing food as always. If you're looking for a recommendation from me their tenderloins are seriously legit, and the fried pickles too!



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