Quincy Community Theatre's summer blockbuster Mary Poppins is coming!

Audition appointments are still open for Quincy Community Theatre's summer musical. Auditions are May 16-17 for adults ages 16 and older, with a dance call for adults on May 18.

A special audition will be held for children ages 7-17 on May 19. QCT is looking for many actors and actresses from across the Tri-States to bring the magical world of Mary Poppins to life. This is going to be big for the QCT with many actors and actresses vying for roles.

Auditionees are asked to familiarize themselves with the script. A password is required for access. A copy of the script, a list of character ranges, and detailed audition requirements are available online. Contact QCT at 217-222-3209 to request the password for the script.

I remember going to the Washington Theater in Quincy with my parents to see Mary Poppins. I thought it was huge and so colorful. The musical in Quincy runs from July 16-19 and July 23-26. Mary Poppins is directed by Artistic Director Brandon Thomsen, with vocal direction by Elizabeth Mannhardt, music direction by Gayle Tenhouse, choreography by Cheryl Kaiser, and scenic design by Technical Director Paul Denckla. Donna Haire serves as the stage manager.

To schedule an audition for Mary Poppins, contact the QCT Box Office at 217-222-3209.

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