Once popular in the city of Paris love locks have started to take over the fence of Lovers' Leap in Hannibal.

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Love Locks were made popular in Paris on the Pont des Arts bridge, which all have been removed. There were so many locks on the bridge that the weight was increasing and parts of the bridge started falling off, so back in 2015 all of the locks were removed. So what are love locks?

These locks are put in popular places like a bridge, fences, or well-visited places where couples can lock the padlock and throw away the key. Usually, the couple's names or initials are on the padlock, to symbolize unbreakable love. Well, these Love Locks have made their way to Hannibal's Lovers' Leap.

Couples are placing their locks on the fence of Lovers' Leap and throwing the key over the fence. Some are trying to get in the river but if anyone can make that throw needs to be a pitcher in the MLB. Love Lock locations are becoming more popular with several locations in America and all over the world. Sadly, the Paris location is no more and I am hoping that they moved the love locks that were on the bridge somewhere safe.

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