COVID-19 vaccinations started this morning, Tue. Feb. 2, in Ralls County Missouri and you would not believe the number of people lining up to get their dose.

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Check out this Facebook video, compliments of Michael Gaines. Scores of vehicles are lined up along Highway 61 between Hannibal and New London. The parking lot at Arch United Methodist Church where the shots are being given is also filled beyond capacity.

The Ralls County Health Department and Home Health Agency is distributing the vaccine. According to their Facebook Page:

"Due to overwhelming interest the parking lot at the Arch United Methodist Church will open at 8:30 am on Tuesday morning, February 2,2021. We will be monitoring the number of individuals coming in. Once we reach our daily capacity we will not be admitting anyone else to the parking lot. If you have entered the parking lot and received a number you will get your injection that day so you can wait in your car if you need too. Once there is not a line please come inside so we can get in as many individuals as possible. We understand that individuals want the vaccine and we want to provide it as safely and efficiently as possible. Please be understanding. To answer a few other questions. Once inside the building there will be places to sit. Mask are mandatory and we will be encouraging social distancing. If this event still does not seem like a good fit for you or your situation we understand and hopefully there will be another vaccination clinic that can meet your needs."

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