I've never thought of Bigfoot as much of a big city creature, but perhaps I should reconsider as one of these mythical creatures was recently spotted in a ditch near Chicago, Illinois.

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I just came across this official Bigfoot sighting that apparently occurred on January 22, 2023. It was submitted to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization website a few days later as an eyewitness testimony from Custer Park, Illinois which is just to the southwest of Chicago. Here are their exact words from the report:

Grandkids spotted what they saw as a bigfoot in a ditch along a treeline in rural Custer Park Illinois...It stood watching them...when they looked away it moved a little ways and stopped when they looked back at it. They got pictures of it and found foot prints. One of the pictures looks like a bear. We don't have bears in this area. Husband and grandson have heard howls and knocks at night. Made the hair on back of Husband neck rise.

Based on the Google Street View of the Custer Park, Illinois ditch, that would place the sighting near this bridge over the Kankakee River.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

But wait, there's more...

The Bigfoot Researchers Field Organization is a serious group and one of their investigators is an EMT and fireman. He did a follow-up investigation and shared the following:

An upright and dark (black) bipedal figure has been seen 3 times on this property (farm field each sighting) since 2015 (all sightings have been by the grandkids who are still minors). In the late summer/early fall of 2015, the grandmother stated she saw a half face of an upright figure (it was a brief glimpse) in a window of her house. Also, she told of the house being hit by something at times, but never finding what hit or see what did it.

It would be easy to excuse these sightings as the wild imaginations of children. However, objects hitting their home that can't be explained is unusual combined with the sightings.

Has Bigfoot suddenly become a Bears fan? (Hey, it's a possibility) If so, that would explain his sudden appearance near the Windy City. In all seriousness, it is an unusual report that I'm glad at least had some professional follow-up. Feel free to laugh it off, but more and more sightings are happening like this and many still have yet to be fully explained.

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