Mars will be closer to Earth tonight then it will be again for 15 years!

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Ok ok ok I geek out on nerdy space stuff like this, so I know this isn't for everyone BUT I'm here to share this information anyways. If you have ever wanted to get a good look at our red planet friend Mars with your own eyes there is no better night then tonight!

According to an article from USA Today, Mars will be its closest to the Earth tonight, and wont be this close again until 2035. In the USA Today article they say...

"The red planet will be unusually close to the Earth on Oct. 6, astronomers said. Our neighbor will be "only" 38.6 million miles away, which is the closest it will get to the Earth for the next 15 years...If you miss the show Tuesday, don't worry: Mars will still look quite bright in the sky throughout the month. Throughout most of October, Mars will shine brighter than any other object in its region of the sky, except for the moon, said."

To read the complete article from the USA Today click here! 

If you want to find Mars in the sky all you have to do is look south it should be only about halfway up in the sky, and it WONT Twinkle, remember the song twinkle twinkle little star, stars twinkle in the sky, Planets like Mars don't twinkle. Of if you are like me and you just love sky watching I downloaded the free Sky Guide app from my app store on my phone, it's user friendly and will help you find Mars tonight!


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