When you try to describe Quincy to your friends that have never been here, it's almost inevitable that you'll eventually talk about all the historic homes in our town. I found 14 pics of one of Quincy's historic homes that was built way back in 1890.

This is 1654 York Street in Quincy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are 14,000 for you as I found pics on the official website shared by Anne Jansen. It's a 4-bedroom home featuring over 2,300 square feet of living space.

Historic Quincy Home Built in 1890

The fact that this home was built before the turn of the last century is the reason why you see classic features like original wood flooring, a butler's pantry, fireplaces and stained glass.

While the home has a lot of recent improvements, the bones of the property are still that vintage late 1800's vibe that we are fortunate to have so much of here in Quincy. It's also one of the few historic Quincy homes that actually is available on the market right now. Current asking price is $189,000 based on the official website as of this writing.

Check out 1654 York Street for more details and pics of another sweet Quincy home.

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