At Hannibal's Spooner Creek Park, visitors are welcome to cart off rocks from the inspirational rock garden. They are also encouraged to leave one behind.

At this week's Hannibal City Council meeting, Mayor James Hark commended members of Girl Scout Troop 9004 for creating an the rock garden at on the grounds of Spooner Creek Park at the corner of Terrace and Vine Streets in Hannibal.

Troop Leader Tracy Coffey and the members of her Girl Scout troop created the rock garden last fall. The rocks were painted by the Girls Scouts, some saying “Be Graceful,” “Help People,” “Be Responsible,” “True Faith,” and some with scenes and shapes in bright colors. Bleigh Construction donated the rocks. Coffey’s husband, Robert, constructed the garden’s wood frame. Hannibal Parks & Recreation provided the space and helped with installation. The garden is a way for the Girl Scouts to give back while sharing their creativity with visitors to the park. Visitors are encouraged to take a rock or leave one with their own message.

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