Just this morning, Adele officially confirmed the rumors that she would be singing the theme to 'Skyfall,' the 23rd James Bond film, when she tweeted a photo of the official sheet music. And now you don't have to wait very long to listen to 'Skyfall' by Adele as audio has leaked from the upcoming Bond theme.

Just a few hours after Adele's tweet came news that the track would debut officially this Friday. But this being the internet, things can't wait that long.

While the full track isn't yet online, you can listen to a good chunk of the song with this 90-second sample below.

As mentioned above, the song is titled 'Skyfall' (clever, no?) and harks back to the classic Shirley Bassey days of 'Goldfinger' and the like. Take a listen to 'Skyfall' below and make sure to pick up the track when it becomes available this Friday. 'Skyfall' hits theaters on November 9th.

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