There is one Missouri bridge that had so many legends attached to it, it's hard to discern which ones were false while others may have been true. It's the one place in Missouri where demon dogs were said to guard it along with other specters from tragedies past.

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Among the many urban legends in Missouri that were discussed on a Reddit thread, one that came up was Enoch's Knob Bridge. The bridge was built over 100 years ago in 1908. During the daytime, you would hear the overwhelming sound of insects.

At night, it was a completely different story. You'd hear tales of howling demon dogs and stories of apparitions walking across the old truss span. The "demon dogs" were likely just coyotes, but many would go to the bridge at midnight and swear that if you said "demon dogs", a 3-legged animal with glowing eyes would appear. As for the ghosts, well people swear what they saw here was very real.

It is true that Patrick "Pat" Kennison died on August 23, 1987 when he fell from the bridge while trying to climb it as Haunts of Missouri mentions. There's also the story of someone who was shot and badly burned on the bridge in 2004.

Haunted Jaunts said that Enoch's Knob Bridge was the location of a portal or vortex which allowed appearances of "demon dogs with green glowing eyes, ghost dogs, evil spirits, ghosts of dead teenagers, shadow people and monsters in the woods".

Back in 2014, paranormal investigators out of St. Louis encountered an entity called "Patrick" that had so much energy, it caused their equipment to immediately spike to its highest levels.

Many years ago, eMissourian shared the story of a former police officer who was writing a book about the bridge including how many times electrical equipment would cease to work on Enoch's Knob Bridge.

Those stories and legends are all that remain of Enoch's Knob Bridge as it was demolished a year or two ago. Now, those stories sound like wild tales from vivid imaginations. Many paranormal investigators would argue that those legends were all too real.

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