The numbers are shockingly high for legalized marijuana sales in Illinois, in such a short period of time cannabis sales have doubled and now it is officially a billion-dollar industry in the Land of Lincoln.

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The numbers are in for legalized cannabis sales in 2021 in Illinois and they are huge, according to, the number of cannabis purchased in 2021 doubled from 2020 when cannabis became legalized. In the article they say...

"The state brought in more than 1.3 billion dollars in marijuana sales in 2021. That number was about 670 million dollars in 2020. The state spends 25% of marijuana sales tax revenue on a grant program aimed at helping communities affected by the war on drugs. Local governments also receive a portion of Cannabis Regulation Fund revenues."

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The fact that it only took 2 years for cannabis sales in Illinois to become a billion-dollar industry may shock you but it makes sense to me. First of all, Illinois is surrounded by states that don't have legalized cannabis like Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Kentucky, so of course, we are going to be a cannabis destination for those people to cross state lines and spend money in Illinois. Plus when you factor in the fact that the "war on drugs" really targets hardcore drugs and weed has become mainstream people are feeling more comfortable either buying it for the first time or making it a regular habit. Whether you think smoking weed and purchasing cannabis is right or wrong, you can't deny that it is a massive industry that is bringing in a lot of money, I just hope that money is being spent well by the politicians running the state and local governments.

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