I would argue that laziness is a subjective kind of thing. There are times I'm working really hard, but it looks like I'm loafing or at least let's pretend. What is the laziest city in all of Missouri? I can tell you one thing. This lazy place doesn't even care one little bit.

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Normally when the internet ranks something, it's one writer's opinion and doesn't matter a whole heck of a lot. In this case, 24/7 Wall St used some science to figure out which city in each state is lazier than all the others. They used the following methodology:

  • Adults who report not exercising
  • Population with no access to places for exercise
  • Adults who report fair/poor health
  • Adult obesity rate
  • Population

OK, so which city in Missouri is the laziest?

Answer - It's Joplin and there isn't even a close second. Here's why:

  • More than a quarter of all the people in Joplin say they don't exercise...at all
  • 35% say they have no place to work out
  • There's shockingly a 35% obesity rate
  • Nearly 20% rate themselves as having fair or poor health

Never stop being you, Joplin and put down that second donut. You don't always have to have a snack in your hand when you're watching The Bachelor or the latest episode of Cops you're being featured on.

The 24/7 Wall St article is a fun read if you'd like to see what other cities in America are not overachieving.

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