My lovely wife of over 20 years was born and raised in Iowa. I need to clearly state that based on what I'm about to share. There 10 Iowa counties you really should avoid if you're also looking for love. You can thank me later.

I've lived in Iowa and have many family still in Iowa. Great people who are full of love. However, there are 10...let's call them trouble spots...where you will want to avoid making a love connection for a good reason.

Iowa Health and Human Services has very detailed stats regarding STD's and there are 10 Iowa counties who have issues in this area of life. Hey, in my defense, I'm not the only person that has looked at this data. The Neighbor even ranked the best worst counties in Iowa based on STD rates:

10 - Appanoose County

9 - Scott County

8 - Johnson County

7 - Polk County

6 - Webster County

5 - Story County

4 - Wapello County

3 - Des Moines County

2 - Woodbury County

1 - Black Hawk County

I won't spoil all your fun looking at the exact numbers, but let's do a deeper dive into Black Hawk County, Iowa. They had a whopping 1,102 Chlamydia cases, 512 Gonorrhea cases and 68 incidents of Syphilis at differing stages. That's astonishing considering the population for the entire county is barely above 130,000. Excuse me if I don't shake hands...

I think this topic is awkward enough without me saying anything else other than you can look at the Iowa Health and Human Services site for more education and information.

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