One of Missouri's longest running flea markets, with 85 acres of deals and eclectic finds, is underway in Knox County, Missouri.

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The Rutledge Flea Market is back this weekend kicking off Friday, November 6. There will be over 300 booths to start your holiday shopping, and maybe even find something for yourself. Plus, new this month a fresh donut stand, golf cart rentals, and giant tenderloins. The flea market will open at 7:00 a.m. on both Friday and Saturday.

The Rutledge Flea Market only happens once a month, and has been hosting a market since 1948. They draw hundreds of buyers and browsers who just want to see what this spectacle is all about. This will be the last flea market of the year, and what a great weekend of weather to get out an enjoy it.

"Many of the items for sale at Rutledge Flea Market capture the culture and history of the Midwest. There are plenty of antiques, from furniture to ornaments, as well as pieces of art, hand-craft stalls, vintage book collections, toys, gardening tools and furnishings, and a whole load of guns. This market is also well known for its dog breeders, and many people come here specifically to find the next family pet or working dog."

Make a day out of it, there will be plenty of vendors to check out and food to eat, including the big foot tenderloin sandwich, kettle corn, and much more. Plus, this Saturday is going to be extra special as many vendors will be offering free food to sample.  

The Rutledge Flea Market is located on State Hwy V in Rutledge, MO. Take RT M south from Rutledge to RT V east 1 ½ miles. Parking is free on Friday and Saturday parking is $2 a car load.

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