Blockbuster Video once had over 9,000 stores and tens of thousands of employees.

In a matter of days, there will be just one outlet left in the entire world.

The Associated Press reports on the closure of the last Blockbuster in Australia, which will close its doors for the last time at the end of March. That will leave just one Blockbuster, located in Bend, Oregon, as the final store still in operation.

The Australian store’s owner, Lyn Borszeky talked about what the loss means:

It is sad to see where our industry has gone for a number of reasons. Firstly, the number of customers that have been disappointed when stores have closed and secondly our industry was a great employer of university students, who loved their movies and showed their passion when talking to customers. The hours we were open suited them as it enabled them to work around their university timetables.

Sandi Harding, manager of the Bend Blockbuster, said she was “shocked” by the news, but also noted that her outlet is showing “no signs of closing.” It now attracts tourists “from as far away as Taiwan and London.” Dude, they better return their discs before they head home, the late fees are gonna wreck them.

And perhaps now that Bend’s Blockbuster is the very last one, it will become an even more famous tourist spot. Hey, if I was in the area, I’d stop by! If you’re near that Blockbuster, please let me know the next time they’ve got one of those great 3 used DVDs for $10 deals. I need to stock up.

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