When it comes to television and the commercials that air on it, when is "enough is enough"?  Here I am watching the World Series and between innings an ad for the Capital One Credit Card came on featuring Samuel L. Jackson as their spokesperson. Now I happen to like the work of Samual Jackson as an actor but near the end of this particular commercial Jackson sternly looks into the camera and says "unlimited cash back purchases everywhere and every DAMN day".

I highlighted the word damn because I feel that there is no need for this "damn" word to be in this commercial.  Hey Capital One and Fox-TV, believe it or not there are people in this country who are trying to raise their children to not say words like this. But, here it is loud and clear for all to hear in of all places a World Series broadcast on Fox-TV.  A baseball broadcast that is watched by kids all over this country as well.

Have I used this word a few times in my life?  You bet I have, but I just don 't feel it belongs on a TV commercial. Let this one go and before you know it every swear word in the book will be on TV.

OK, I am ready get grilled over my opinion on this but please don't tell me I need to wake up to reality.  I woke up to reality years ago and look where it has gotten us. Swear words on commercials. Please hit me with a better shot than that.


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