It's been said that records are meant to be broken. That's probably true for many things, but not the world record that is held by Kansas City that will absolutely never be broken. I can practically guarantee it.

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I saw this mentioned by Darren Rovell and he's absolutely accurate. The city of Kansas City is the undisputed king of BBQ as this is evidence of.

The data shared by Darren is based off of a stat shared by the public relations team at Major League Baseball a decade ago and it's still true today and will likely be true forever. You'll never ever go to a city with more BBQ places per person than good ole Kansas City. KC Parent also shared this statistic.

By pure coincidence, there was a YouTuber who just a few weeks ago accepted the challenge of trying to conquer all the BBQ joints in Kansas City. Did he get to them all? Not a chance. A nice effort though.

I believe it was former Dallas Cowboy's coach Jimmie Johnson who once said that "it ain't bragging if you can do it" and that applies to Kansas City and BBQ. It ain't bragging to say KC is and will always be the king of all things BBQ. The current and future champion.

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