We do have a chance of storms off an on in Missouri this week because it's Spring and it's Missouri. However, there may be things blocking the sun this week, but it might not be clouds or storms to blame.

Have you noticed skies becoming more hazy in Missouri this week? If not, you will soon. Yes, there is a chance of thunderstorms periodically, but there's something else going on here.

If you look at the Air Now Fire Smoke map, you'll notice that Canadian wildfires are raging and that big blob of smoke is heading south towards Missouri.

Infographic, Air Now
Infographic, Air Now

I thought this was just my imagination, but I did see a confirmation from KSDK in Saint Louis that there is wildfire smoke on the way and some is already causing problems north of Missouri. Just ask anyone in Minnesota Monday.

It will be interesting to see if incoming weather patterns affect this smoke and keep it from becoming a big problem throughout Missouri. While storms are moving through the state as of this writing, I doubt there will be a front that will preclude the big mass of wildfire smoke from impacting Missouri this week.

If you look up at your beloved Missouri skies later this week and can't see the sun, don't necessarily blame the clouds.

Northern Lights Over Missouri on May 10, 2024

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