If you're a fan of a certain highly-caffeinated drink, you're likely to be disappointed soon as a Missouri manager says it will be discontinued soon after it has been connected to multiple deaths.

I first saw this story shared by The Daily Mail. It's about how Panera Bread will reportedly discontinue their Charged Lemonade drink. NBC News says this was confirmed by "a Missouri Panera Bread associate" who requested to remain anonymous.

Why is Charged Lemonade being discontinued at Missouri Panera Bread and reportedly others, too?

The Daily Mail says there are 3 lawsuits against Panera by families who say the drink which has a very high amount of caffeine has been a factor in deaths of loved ones.

It's important to include Panera's response to this which according to NBC News was the drink was being withdrawn due to customer feedback and not necessarily the wrongful death lawsuits.

There are reports dating back 6 months ago that say Panera Bread added warning labels to the Charged Lemonade drinks, but that apparently wasn't enough of an action to satisfy some.

As this is a developing story, it will be updated if new developments or conclusions are determined after the lawsuits run their course.

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