I'm not sure what's worse. Is it the fact that Missouri is responsible for 20% of the most dangerous cities in America for 2024 or the fact that I'm not surprised by it? It's probably a tie, but sadly both are true based on new data just released this week.

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If I were looking at this as a glass half full sort of thing, I would say that at least Missouri doesn't have the #1 most dangerous city in America anymore. That's a win. Too bad for you though, Memphis, Tennessee. This brand new list of danger and crime in 2024 comes from Roadsnacks.

Infographic, Roadsnacks
Infographic, Roadsnacks

Don't know if you can see the tiny cities, but I'll save you the squinting. #5 most dangerous city in America for 2024 is St. Louis, Missouri while Kansas City makes it's presence known at #10. Woohoo.

For St. Louis, they shared this very sad statistic:

Last year, more than 200 people were murdered in St Louis. That’s like 2 out of three days that someone here gets ghosted.

It's not much better for Kansas City though. It comes in as 12th most dangerous for violent crime alone and now property crime is top 26 (in a bad way). That combines to put KC in this notorious top 10 list that no city wants to be on.

I would like to add a couple of my own thoughts and experiences to balance this out. First of all, when my family goes to St. Louis, we rarely feel like we're in any kind of danger. But, we admittedly stay away from the main metro area whenever we can and never venture towards East St. Louis. Ever.

As far as Kansas City is concerned, it's not surprising considering how fast that part of Missouri is growing. With more people and more money comes bad guys/girls trying to steal that money and harm the people with it. That's not even mentioning gang presences in both Missouri cities.

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