I spent many a weekend in Missouri fishing with my dad. We were very fortunate to catch a ton of bass and catfish, but apparently I was missing out on a key trick when it comes to landing humongous catfish like a pro - cooking spray.

I saw this interesting fishing technique for landing massive catfish in Missouri on a fishing message board. Someone shared how Pam cooking spray outperformed regular catfish bait by a measure of 10 to 1.

From what I understand, fisherman in Missouri are spraying bait like nightcrawlers with Pam cooking spray and catfish cannot get enough of it. There's a YouTube channel called Catfish Karma which decided to experiment and they found it worked like a boss.


Why does using cooking spray help you catch Missouri catfish? The theory goes that it does two things. First, it masks the scent of your hand on the bait. Second, catfish love cooking spray. Laugh, but fishermen are landing catfish at a record rate with this stuff although there's a disagreement about whether butter-flavored cooking spray is better than garlic.

I rarely get the chance to fish anymore since my dad is now gone, but if I had a rod and reel handy, I'd try this in a heartbeat. Odds are that you probably have some cooking spray somewhere in your kitchen, so what do you have to lose trying it next time you go adventuring for Missouri catfish?

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