A judge in Illinois has made a ruling that is causing concern for a lot of people. This judge is allowing illegal immigrants to do something that many people in America are uncomfortable with, here are the details...

According to an article from the New York Post, a judge in Illinois has ruled that illegal immigrants CAN legally carry guns. In the article, they say "US District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled earlier this month that a federal ban on undocumented immigrants owning firearms is unconstitutional" The article goes on to say that the court determined that in this specific case, this illegal immigrant wasn't a danger to society and therefore should not be denied his right to own a firearm. To read more about this story, click here! 

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Does this make sense?

The hold-up for me, in this case, is that the judge says this person has a right to own a firearm, if you are a citizen, yes you have the right to bear arms, but this person isn't a legal citizen... This story is the type of story that feels very 2024. This story has the illegal immigration angle, the pro-guns and anti-guns angle, and it has judges making rulings on large-scale issues. If you had a bingo card for a perfect 2024 story this would check off everything except for the fact that it isn't somehow tied to the election. Overall, I'm curious to see how staunch pro-gun advocates react to this story, I support the Second Amendment but truly I believe the Constitution only applies to the legal citizens of the US, where do you land on this story?

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