Space experts claim they spent months searching for the best place to view the April, 8th Solar Eclipse, and they settled on a small town in Missouri, why? Here is where the experts are heading...

According to the experts at, they have chosen Cape Girardeau, Missouri as the location to watch the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April, 8th. Why? In the article, they say, " ...the town of some 40,000 people is close to the centerline, which refers to the middle of the path the moon's shadow will take as it crosses North America. This location therefore doesn't just lie within the path of totality, but in a spot that allows eclipse-chasers to get 4 minutes and 6 seconds of the totality experience."

The article goes on to mention how we won't have another real total eclipse in the US until the year 2045 when the eclipse will go through the desert and parts of California. And that Cape Girardeau is preparing for 20,000+ visitors for the eclipse, they will have special events commemorating the day, to read more about why the experts at are headed to Cape Girardeau for the eclipse, click here! 

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Are you making the trip for the Eclipse?

I was lucky enough to work in Chicago at the famous Adler Planetarium for the last big eclipse in 2017, and it was a fantastic experience. While I look forward to seeing about 90% totality here in Quincy on April 8th, I don't feel compelled to travel, take off work, and spend the money to "chase" the total eclipse. I get why people at are all in on the travel, this is their livelihood after all, but are you going to be traveling anywhere for the total eclipse?

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