The goal of a large group of lawmakers in Missouri is to make sure Blair's Law passes in 2024, a law that will restrict where and why you fire your legal firearm, here are the details...

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According to KCUR, one of the main laws lawmakers in Missouri have their sights on passing in 2024 is Blair's Law, which will restrict shooting off celebratory gunfire. What are the specifics of Blair's Law? On, they say...

"...renewing efforts to establish Blair’s Law, a law banning celebratory gunfire within the limits of a municipality. The law is named after Blair Shanahan Lane, an 11-year-old Kansas City girl killed during Fourth of July celebrations in 2011 by a stray bullet shot into the sky. The law was passed by the House and Senate last year before Gov. Mike Parson vetoed the Parson’s 2023 veto letter he stated he supported Blair’s Law but not the other laws included in Senate Bill 189."

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Should Blair's Law Pass?

I would support passing Blair's Law. Shooting your guns in celebration is something that needs to be reserved for people in extremely rural areas. The idea that an 11-year-old girl lost her life due to celebratory gunfire in Kansas City is tragic, and it is the type of tragedy that should never happen again. I understand gun owners not wanting to give an inch when it comes to laws that infringe on their gun rights, but I feel this is a common sense law we can all get behind, right?

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