The Kansas City Zoo is excited that its new aquarium will open this September.

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The $75 million aquarium will be a new addition to the already very popular zoo. It will hold 650,000 gallons of water which will inhabit hundreds of different fish and other animals. The aquarium will have six zones the warm coastline, warm shallows, warm reef, open ocean, cold shallows, and cold coastline. As you follow the zones you will walk through and learn about the sorry of the ocean currents connecting animals across the globe. Last September was the latest update I saw until now when we have an official opening weekend. Labor Day weekend will be when visitors can see this massive new aquarium.

We don't get to see the ocean or the species that live in the ocean at all in the Midwest and this new aquarium will bring the ocean to the Midwest.

Zoo visitors will enjoy an up-close and personal experience, beginning at the warm-water shore habitat and traveling “deeper” through mangrove forests, sandy shores, tropical lagoons, and coral reefs.

The new aquarium will be located next to the Helzberg Penguin Plaza. The KC Zoo is not free you do have to pay for admission, but when you do the new aquarium will be part of your admission and will not have any additional cost to visit.

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