Honestly it's a tough question to answer "What is the WORST City in Illinois to Live in?" but the data this one website throws out against this city in Illinois is hard to argue against.

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I never like thinking about what are the worst things, ya know? I am a glass half empty guy who always tries to find the positive spin on things. Which is why when I saw this article online claiming to have found The Worst City to Live In for Every State, I knew I had to see what they were claiming to have found.

The article is written this year on a website called moneywise.com and you can see the full rankings for yourself by clicking here! But they claim that the Worst City in the state of Illinois is.... East St. Louis, and to be honest they make a compelling argument. On the site they say...

"In 2019, you were 27 times more likely to be murdered here than the national average. Economically... It’s still struggling to regain momentum after losing many of its businesses and residents in the 1960s and 1970s...Almost 40% of the residents in East St. Louis live below the poverty line, and the median household income is just $24,343."

Those numbers certainly are not good at all. And it is heartbreaking because according to the Wikipedia page on East St. Louis there are almost 19 thousand people who live there, and they are dealing with these conditions. It certainly makes you think twice before complaining about life in Quincy, Illinois, we have it pretty good here all things considered.

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