Back on October 21 the Quincy City Council discussed and approved the need for a study to provide information on what needs to be done with the intersection of 48th and State in Quincy. Currently there is a 4-way stop at that intersection which lies on both City and Adams County property. The solution was to secure a study from a Springfield, Illinois engineering firm.

That study will come at a cost of $215-thousand.  To pay for the study the City and County would come up with the money by utilizing a $170 thousand dollar grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and for both the City and County to evenly pony up the remaining $45-thousand dollars needed.

The apparent options are for a light to be installed or the development of a round-a-bout to streamline the traffic through that intersection.  In my mind, a roundabout would be a disaster, only supported by auto body shops, as there are still people who can’t handle a 2-left lane turn intersection.  You want them using a roundabout?  No thanks!

So that leaves a traffic signal as the other option. In using a similar intersection at 36th and Harrison as an example, why not duplicate that traffic light. I utilize that intersection regularly and have never had any backup to inhibit my progress through that intersection. It seems to me that is a solution and a solution that doesn’t need an engineering study fee costing a quarter of a million dollars.

It is past time to start saving county and city taxpayer’s money. Oh, and as I write this, I just read that Adams County residents could face a rise in property taxes with a proposed 6.5% property tax levy increase.

What was I saying about saving money?

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