Come one, we've all done it, flashing your lights at another car to give them advance warning that a police officer is ahead, but is that illegal?

Everyone should know that driving courtesy of dimming your lights when you pass another car is legal (and encouraged to do so). However, if you are caught using your headlights other then diming them for oncoming traffic, that is illegal.  According to a book released from the Illinois Secretary of State called Illinois Rules of the Road,

Bright lights must be dimmed 500 feet before meeting an oncoming vehicle or 300 feet before passing a vehicle. Flashing or moving lights other than turn signals or hazard indicators are prohibited.

If you are caught flashing your lights, other then dimming them it could get you a ticket. Flashing lights at another driving is considered aggressive driving in the state of Illinois, so you will want to be careful and think before you flash your headlights.

It's didn't say anything about warning another driver about a police officer by flashing your lights, but in my experience (yes I have been pulled over for that) I wouldn't do it. I just got a warning and no ticket. Hey, I was a teenager I didn't know any better, but haven't done it since.

Be careful when you think flashing your lights is a good thing, I guess if you don't get caught but is that a chance you want to take?

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