It's the one scenario you hope you never have to experience in real life, but it's sadly become a reality for many. If you're shopping in a store in Missouri and hear a code on the overhead speaker, do you know which codes mean danger is lurking? There are several and you really do need to know them.

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I saw this fascinating breakdown of intercom code words from Common Cents Mom. Many codes and numbers you'll hear on store speakers are irrelevant to shoppers. Some are meant to alert other store associates that someone is going on break and/or their area is unsupervised. But, there are a handful of codes that mean danger to everyone and that could include you that they say are used by Walmart. They are the following:

  • Code Red - there is a fire in the store
  • Code Black - there is severe weather in the area threatening the store
  • Code Brown - there is an active shooter
  • Code Green - this means there is a hostage situation
  • Code Blue - this is the code for an active bomb threat

Note that hearing a code brown in or green in the store does NOT mean you should make a run for the front door. As the article mentions, that means it's imperative to listen to store associate commands which might mean sheltering in place. You could be running into danger without knowing it.

Let's be specific and point out that these codes are reportedly for Walmart and other stores may have their own unique alerts. Hope you are never in a situation where you need to rely on what these codes are and how they could affect your survival and those around you.

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