I might need a moment. Once I stop laughing, I'll explain how Illinois is reportedly (shockingly) the most normal state in America. Really.

I saw this interesting conversation that was just shared on the Illinois sub-Reddit. It explains that "Illinois has its problems, but..." and it's an eye-opener.

Illinois has its problems, but we’re the most normal state in the U.S.
byu/uofwi92 inillinois

The conversation on the Illinois sub-Reddit leads to a Washington Post article that requires either registration or payment which I'm sure is worth it. But my take is that they're saying Illinois has the most "normal" cross-section of people and culture that best represents America. Other than the hilarious proposition that Illinois is "normal" other than the town of Normal, Illinois which really is, it's not that crazy of a proposition.

If you look at the most recent US Census data, Illinois is the one state that has the widest variety of races and creeds. It also has the extremes of big city life in Chicago along with multitudes of small rural areas where farming is the way of life. In the southern part of Illinois especially, the outdoors rule with epic hiking everywhere.

Illinois also represents a wide gamut of political views with much of the metro parts of the state leaning very liberal while downstate is conservative. Can't we all just get along?

If you don't mind a bit of registration which I believe doesn't cost you a thing, the Washington Post article is a good read about how normal we really are after all.

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