I just registered my car this past month, and cringed when I wrote that $101 check, well it looks like I'll be cringing even more next year. Registration for Illinois plates will sky rocket in 2020.

In order to pay for a $45 billion public works plan, the state of Illinois is looking on how to pay for the plan, well they found a way the people who live in Illinois. Everything from gas, vaping, and even garage sales will be taxed. But the biggest hike is with car registration.

Starting in 2020, that little registration sticker you pay for will now cost you $151. $50 more, just think if you have two or more cars in your family, that's going to hurt some families, I know it will mine.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

To support transportation-related projects, the bill increases license plate fees by $50 to $151 annually, starting with the 2020 registration year.

For  those of you who have an electric car, you are going to see the biggest hike. Right now the fee to register an electric car is $35 for two years, starting in 2020 that fee will jump to $248 for a one year sticker. Almost seven times more then what you paid this year.

Oh but wait there's more. The Chicago Tribune laid out all of the other items that will start seeing a hike in tax, which include gas, smoking, vaping, parking, streaming tax (Netflix, Hulu, Sling) and online purchases. Guess it's time to move.

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