A study finds Illinois have the most COVID-19 restrictions in the America, while Missouri and Iowa are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The Tri-States are filled with lots of diversity, from different cultures, ways of life, and literally three different states. A study from WalletHub shows us that there is a massive difference to in how the three states that make up the Tri-States (Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa) are handling COVID-19 restrictions.

WalletHub released a survey done by their experts called "States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions" you can check out the survey by clicking here! In the survey they ranked the states in order from least amount of coronavirus restrictions, to most restrictions. They state with the least amount of restrictions according to their experts is South Dakota, while the state with the MOST restrictions is Illinois. Where as Missouri ranked in at number four and Iowa at number 10, meaning they are states with very little coronavirus restrictions.

Some of the factors they determined in how restrictive your state is being with coronavirus are: requirement to wear a mask, travel restrictions, restaurants open, bars open, amount of people allowed to gather, and so on. To check out the entire list and see what went into the WalletHub study click here!

WalletHub does a ton of great content like this, they are constantly creating lists and rankings, so I tend to feel like this has got to be fairly accurate, but again I always take these things with a grain of salt. Either way it does really show us how different life is across the Tri-States the fact that if I were to drive five mins away from where I'm typing this in Quincy, Illinois, and simply cross the Mississippi into Missouri, I'd be going from the most restrictive state for coronavirus, to the 4th least restrictive state for coronavirus, and that is truly one of the things that makes the Tri-States unique.




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