Everyone loves candy and at this point in the year, it's not only acceptable but rather ENCOURAGED to eat as much as you want. It's the perfect gift and we even use it as festive decorations (which we'll probably be eating later). But which Christmas candy is the most popular in the Tri-States?

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Candystore.com broke down all 50 states to find out which candy is most popular during the holiday season. An estimated $1.93 billion (yes, BILLION) will be spent this year on candy alone. CRAZY!

Source: CandyStore.com.

In Illinois, Hersey Kisses are surprisingly the most popular followed by Reese Mini Cups and M&Ms in second and third place, respectively. In Missouri, Peppermint Bark takes the top spot followed by Hersey Kisses and Starbursts. Iowa voted Peppermint Bark as the number one candy followed by Reese Mini Cups and M&Ms.

Poor Reese Mini Cups lost three number one spots this year, which has me thinking are they becoming less popular than Peppermint Bark, Which by the way, in my opinion. is just plain gross, but hey that's me. There is good news for Snickers fans, the candy bar grew and took the number one spot in three states. But, watch out, there is a new candy bar coming in and taking over the Christmas candy world by storm. The Chocolate Sanatas Soaring, which I have yet to see, but just sounds interesting.

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