It began with a guy making funny comments on another guy's podcast. Now, those two guys named Travis and Chris do a podcast together. They shared how their conversations celebrate what makes Quincy, Illinois wild.

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Travis Hoffman and Chris Koetters are the hosts of Wild Quincy, one of the most listened to podcasts in the tri-state area. They were kind enough to be my guest on episode 3 of my on-demand podcast. We talked about how their partnership began and where it's doing.

Chris Koetters - "One of the we got I was doing research for Lost Boys of Hannibal, I started finding all this crazy stuff about finally got to the point it was like...I've got to do a podcast about Quincy eventually. We were doing a livestream on Facebook one night for Lost Boys of Hannibal and somebody gets on there and starts making a bunch of jokes..."

That somebody was Travis who had his own blog called Q-Town that he had been doing about Quincy history.

Travis Hoffman - "Yeah, it's funny...I like to play the kid at the back of the English class...making wisecracks...we were all having fun and they were encouraging me."

It was at that point that Chris realized that the podcast he had wanted to do about Quincy would be great with the chemistry they had together. Thus, Wild Quincy was born.

How do Travis and Chris decide on their Wild Quincy topics?

Chris Koetters - "We have it broke down into 4 categories...we have time and place, we have a crime one...we've done an unexplained one before."

Travis Hoffman - "We've kind of brought in a couple of different miscellaneous topics over the last 3 seasons...a what if category...sometimes we'll rotate topics out to make things interesting".

As they are getting ready to wrap up season 3 of Wild Quincy, they're excited about what 2023 will hold.

Travis Hoffman - "When Chris and I started this, we didn't know where to set the bar...podcasts aren't really associated from a hyper-local scenario...but it's hard to measure success from a hyper-local level...our idea was to kind of get a network of we call them "wild things"...our Patreon supporters that pay a few bucks a month and get access to a whole off-season of we're able to sustain the cost of our hosting."

Travis also happens to be a musician who occasionally shares his musical talents online and in local venues.

Thanks to Travis and Chris for taking the time to share their thoughts on how they make the podcast happen. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, their official website and their Patreon community, too.

Make sure to check out my full conversation with them on the Doc on Demand podcast.

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